About Us

Gabho Global Tours & Safaris is a young Tanzanian company, formed by two friends and tourism enthusiasts, who shared the same idea of providing something different to our clients.

As we are sure that many of you have heard of the ultra famous national parks and conservation areas in the Northern Circuit, we believe that in terms of tourism we should focus on the Western circuit as well, which isn’t explored that much. Also, considering that we originate from both Western and Northern Region of the country, we decided to use his tribal name of one of the founders – GABHO, which means “the boy”, in the native language of Ha tribe ( also called Waha in plural,  Muha or Abaha as singular ), coming from Kigoma region, near the Gombe National Park, along the northeast shores of Lake Tanganyika. Their language is from Bantu family of languages, and is called the Ha language, also called Kiha, Ikiha or Giha. The area where they live is natively called Buha, and it is open grasslands and woodlands.

Gombe Stream’s main attraction are chimpanzee families that live protected inside the park’s boundaries, where visitors take walks deep into the forest to watch these extraordinary primates in their natural habitat. Apart from chimpanzees, many other species of primates can be found in these tropical forests, such are velvet and colobus monkeys, baboons, forest pigs and dik dik, as well as a wide variety of tropical birdlife.

Our team of skilled guides and drivers will make sure that you have wonderful, and that you bring home nothing but the most beautiful memories from your stay with us. It is our top priority to make sure that your safety is on the highest level at all times, and that you get the most of the not that small amount of money spent on visiting our beautiful country. We are represented on SafariBookings.com.

From the bottom of our hearts, we bid you warmest welcome!


Our Mission

To be fair and responsible care taker of our team and best possible host for our guests, to provide bespoke service and make you feel like home.

Our Vision

To be better than others, to offer more and to go beyond the borders of the known, to share with you unexploited paths of our land.

Giving back to the community

Our background help us understand the difficulty of living in Tanzania. Therefore, we put our best effort to provide fair treatment for our employees, and give them possibility to have normal life and fair wages.

We also try as much as possible to give back to our community, by putting aside portion of our profits to help the less fortunate ones in our neighbourhood. As our company grow, we do hope that our community involvement will follow the same upward stream.

Our Vehicle

Our safari vehicles are one of the best and newest there is. Their perfect condition and proper maintenance will ensure that your safari adventure with us be the comfortable as it can be.

Our driver guides are highly skilled in handling sometimes pretty bumpy roads inside our national parks, and will do all in their power to safely transport you there and back to your accommodation or airport for the flight home.

Greetings from Gabho Global Tours and Safaris.
We are sending this communication to let you know that your safety and well-being has been our  utmost importance to our company. It has been a very difficult time for the tourism industry, and it is so great to see action happening in our country to flatten the curve. We are now in a position to host you in Tanzania while still  working closely with the relevant ministry to help our visitors who majority are vaccinated and we are happy to let you know that our staff are also fully vaccinated. Gabho Global Tours & Safaris urge you to stay safe and always remember the dos and don’t during this time until this global public health crisis is gone.

Best regards,
Directors - Gabho global tours & safaris