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    About Tanga

    In another time, Tanga was once of the stopping points  for caravans on their way to the central Africa in searching for ivory and slaves. It was also a centre of Germans colonial administration, during their occupation in the early 20th century. German influence can be found even in the city’s architecture today, but only few historical landmarks can be found in area today.

    Tanga region is a remarkable diverse destination, and it has a lot more to offer than it meets the eye. It is a surprisingly safe and friendly place to visit, enriched with an splendid mixture of different cultures and some of top destinations on the coast to explore. This diversity is distinctly notable in the region’s breathtaking landscapes, unique culture and friendly people.

    One of the first things that any visitor will notice is tranquility and prosperity that is noticable, and how good it feels to bask in the sun bathed narrow streets of Tanga, with most of the city roads as good as perfect.

    Self-drive holidays in Tanga are exceptional, with roads well signposted and easily navigated, but you should never underestimate the value of a good local guide, who will show you parts of the area you may not discover on your own.

    Activities available in Tanga

    • Amboni Limestone Caves

      Amboni are the most extensive limestone caves in all of East Africa, and they are also a home to many spirits representing the great religious significance for many local tribes, who lived near the caves used them for prayers. The caves were formed approximately 150 million years ago, during the Jurassic age, and according to researchers the area was under water in a distant past. Amboni Caves are one of the most popular tourist attractions of Tanga, a fascinating excursion where you can watch the physical feature in side of caves, but also the natural forest around and welcoming cheers of white colobus monkey and birds.
    • The Galanos Hot Spring Water

      Galanos Hot Sulphur Springs are located few km from Amboni Caves, and 12km of Tanga, toward Mombasa. What makes them unique is the fact that they are hot and sulphurous, and locals believe that they have magical and healing powers, such are curing arthritis and skin ailments. Due to its source coming deep from within the ground, they contain high concentration of minerals, with evidence of that easily seen in the blue and yellow coloration of the canal water flowing along to the Ziggi River. The hot springs are nested within the coconut plantation, so here you can enjoy drinking coconut juice and tasting the different types of fruits which are growing in the area.
    • Toten Island

      Toten Island is located just off the Tanga Habour, remaining within the Tanga Bay. Here you can relax on the beach, wander through the island, but also swim and go on snorkeling in the crystal clear waters surrounding the island. On the island there are ruins of Arabs mosque and old German cemetery, which are certainly worth visiting.
    • Tongoni Ruins

      The Tongoni Ruins present 15th century remains of a mosque and forty tombs. Today, it's a small fishing village positioned 17 km south of Tanga, and like many other settlements in the area, once a prosperous and well respected trading centre. The village is established by the Shirazi of Persian origin, who formed Islamic settlements in Eastern Africa such as Kilwa and Mafia. It's been said that Vasco da Gama, famous Portuguese sailor, have first visited Tongoni in April of 1498, and that he made a second visit the next year and spent 14 days in Tongoni.
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