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    About Zanzibar

    Also known as the Spice Island, this pearl of Indian Ocean on Africa’s east coast is full of culture and history, blended with magnificent landscapes of white-sand beaches shaded by palms swaying on a sea breeze. All this together makes Zanzibar excellent place to for full relaxation and discovering its hidden gems.

    Thanks to its fantastic climate, magnificent beaches and fascinating attractions, Zanzibar is the essence of tropical Africa and the Indian Ocean. Zanzibar has some of the best beaches anywhere in Africa and arguably the world, the best of which are to be found along the east coast on the northern part of the island. The beaches in this region are protected by off shore coral reefs and have fine white coral sand

    It is characterized by beautiful, white, sandy beaches edged with coral reefs, forests, and the magic historic Stone Town – possibly the only ancient town in East Africa that is still functioning. Zanzibar archipelago is approximately 35km off shore from the Tanzania mainland and only six degrees south of the Equator.

    It is comprised of two main Islands, Unguja (also called Zanzibar Island), and Pemba, along with many smaller islands and atolls. These provide miles and miles of palm lined beaches and colorful coral reefs perfect for diving or just soaking in the laid back atmosphere.

    Stone Town and its port are predominate in the west coast,  with the beaches of Mangapwani and the slave caves visible at low tide are less than half an hour drive. You should also spend a night or two on the East or North cost is well rewarding of the extra hour drive to get there. The Chole Island Marine Park next to the Stone Town, and nearby Prison, Grave and Snake Islands, form a refreshing day trips and splendid break from exploring narrow streets of the old city.

    South coast of Zanzibar is reserved for Menai Bay Conservation Area, protected area for the endangered marine species that come to breed on the island. On the roads to South coast you should definitely  take a break at the famous Jozani Forest, habitat of the rare Red Colobus monkeys and a good number of other primates and small antelope species.

    Activities available in Zanzibar

    • Stone Town Walking Tour

      Explore Stone Town, the profilic cultural and historical heart of Zanzibar City, on this half day walking tour. You should not miss the opportunity to get to know this UNESCO World Heritage site and its unique architecture, visit a local marketplace, check out the church and memorial at the old slave market, admire the former home of the sultan, and do some shopping.
    • Jozani Forest

      This green oasis of fascinating trees such as mangroves, spices and rare species like red colobus monkeys, blue monkeys, chameleon, bush pigs and Adders duikers, is a very special treat. This magnificent forest habitat and the unique species that live together in it are one of the last remaining eco-cultures of its kind in the world.
    • Prison Island Tour

      Visit the white sandy beaches and spectacular coral reefs of Prison Island on this day trip from Stone Town, Zanzibar. Take a short boat ride to the island and spend your day snorkeling alongside tropical fish, hiking and relaxing in the sun.
    • Dolphin Tour

      You will be taken to natural habitats where dolphin migrate and you can watch them from your boat or put on snorkeling gear and swim right alongside them in the Indian Ocean.
    • Canoeing

      Canoeing provide you with opportunity to go beyond the busy roads and immerse in the crystal clear waters of Indian Ocean, and you will see unusual aquatic flora and fauna on seldom seen smaller islands nearby, that are usually not visited by people. You will be accompanied by guides who will direct you and take control of the canoe, if necessary.
    • Dhow Cruise

      Yet another memorable experience. Cruising around the island on traditional dhow boats used to carry merchandise in the Red Sea and Indian Ocean back in a day, is a event you will remember forever.
    • Bwejuu Beach

      Nested in the heart of the island, Bwejuu beach is one of the places you should not miss while you are on Zanzibar. It is famous for its white sands, beautiful scenery along its coastline and aquatic sports activities such as snorkeling, swimming, boating, and fishing.
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